Monday, September 10

I Believe

I believe that against all odds
the fighter, the survivor overcomes
and you will make it.

I believe that the goodness in you
is greater than any bad choice
you have made in your life.

I believe in your ability to love deeply
in spite of the mistreatment and abuse
you’ve encountered.

I believe that chances go round
and that everyone gets a turn
for a blessing, a home, another chance.

I believe that the warmth of your spirit
and the strength of your soul
sustain you.

When the winds of life
bring tears to your eyes—
yet you continue on to another day.

I believe that we all are a paycheck,
a Katrina, a match, or one bad decision
away from homelessness.

I believe that while you
sleep in the streets,in the shelter,
on that friend’s sofa,
angels surround you, touching you
and rubbing your cheek.

I believe that even if you don’t believe,
I can believe until you can believe
for yourself.

I believe that we are all connected—
we are all a piece of each other.

T.W. 9/7/07

Monday, August 13

Don't Give Up

The air is brisk
The sun is shining
So there is no need for whining.
For it is in His plan
That we withstand
All the obstacles in our way
Just to get through the day.
He never gives us more than we can take
And He doesn’t want us to fake
So remain true
To me and you.
He shall see us all through
Whatever challenges we may hit.
Doesn’t mean a thing—
For it’s the mere experiences
That we face in our lives
That makes us grow
Strong or meek
Smart or weak.
It doesn’t matter
He basically says,
Don’t sweat the small stuff.
And I know to grasp that it is rough
And to live in this world can be tough,
But most of all don’t give up
And remain forever true to yourself
And you’ll make it!


Sunday, August 12


Today is a day I feel

like I am in overflow—

too hot, I’ve done a lot

I have been constantly on the go

and my brain feels like

it is on overflow.

I guess it is time to

get rid of some stuff.

I need to relax and realize

I have done enough

I can take a breath and

look forward to some good stuff:

A place to live—

enjoy the rest of the summer

with friends

and finally settle down

to my new life.



Homecoming Queen

Yes I am

I’m still me

This is home

where I can be

more comfortably

and happily




It's For Me

I have given you all my time

I have given you all my love

I have given you all my space

Now I’m saying, it’s my time

To do me!

So please, be happy for me!

Don’t crowd me;

Let me breath!

Please—For the sake of me.




A ladder I really a bridge

to be climbed

going up

instead of across

but still

connecting two

opposite points

and giving access to both

So you


get there from here

Because a ladder is really

a down-to-up bridge.



Monday, June 4


Darkness at midnight
A clear bright cloud-free sky
Indigo to azure
On the spectrum of today.

M.F.T. 5/29/07